Leadership Pods™ – by Circularis

  • Insight
  • Shared experience
  • A sounding board
  • Safe ‘space’ to test thinking
  • Fixed time each week for you
  • Accessible technology – Zoom Video
  • Recorded sessions for you to keep
  • Access to great network
  • An exclusive event at a great location
  • Connections for life!
  • Peace of mind – money back guarantee
  • Extraordinary value

What are Leadership Pods™?

Leadership Pods™ are formed of 4 – 6 leaders of organisations that that all have something in common. The common theme will be sector, location, organisation – something that provides value to the Pod and brings leaders together.

We conduct 50-minute conversations with you every week over 11 weeks. The final week, the last meeting, is a bit different. The final Leadership Pod session is hosted in a fantastic location. All leaders get together and investigate two key strategic issues that are impacting their businesses. The subjects are informed by the Leadership Pod experience and chosen by you. Additionally, we will have a person of influence in their field attend and share some wisdom which you can take back to your business and add value straight away!

Connections are made that last a lifetime!

Who are the people behind Leadership Pods™️?

Dafydd founded Circularis Ltd., the Leadership Consultancy, 5 years ago.

Having spent the best part of 15 years in leadership positions across public, private and third sectors across the UK he realised that a lot of the leadership support out there was coming at things from an academic, theoretical perspective. This is great until real life intrudes and people start behaving in unexpected ways at work, at which point a lot of the theory gets thrown out of the window!

What if leadership support was provided by people who are themselves experienced leaders and who not only understand the realities and pressures of leadership but who could share their experiences, good and bad? This is the ethos of Circularis – Dafydd has a small team of hand-picked associates that have a combination of leadership experience and great character to repeatedly deliver outstanding results to clients.

Leadership Pods™️ have been developed as a low risk, cost-effective way for organisations to support their leaders and benefit from the insightful learning that the leaders gain from membership of Leadership Pods™️.

What do Leadership Pods™ cost?

Leadership Pods™ pricing is simple and straightforward.

  • £750 +VAT per month per leader or £650 +VAT per month per leader if your organisation is a Charity.
  • Leadership Pods™ last for 3 months (12 weeks) and fees are payable monthly in advance.
  • We are confident that we will become a trusted resource for you that we offer a money back guarantee in the unlikely event that you feel value for money hasn’t been delivered!

Each leader will receive:

  • Initial 2 hour ‘Discovery’ session – situational discussion establishing context and ambition of the leader. Setting and managing expectations and agreeing to direction.
  • 10 x Weekly 50 minute sessions – agreeing focus of the session, reviewing progress to goals and agreeing on the focus of next session.
  • A workshop where leaders come together for a facilitated session that addresses strategic challenges facing their organisations and sharing of perspective and experiences.

We can run Leadership Pods™ for single organisations who have 4 – 6 of their leaders to take part and are happy to discuss on a case by case basis.

Leadership Pods™ – Expression of Interest

Due to the extremely limited capacities we ask for organisations to express an interest in the first instance for selection to Leadership Pods™. Selection is based on fit and likely positive impact that we can have on you. We can run Leadership Pods™ for single organisations who have 4 – 6 of their leaders to take part and are happy to discuss on a case by case basis.

Fill in the form below and continue your leadership journey.

Leadership Pods™️ - Expression of Interest

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