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What are Leadership Pods™?

  • A series of 12 personalised one-to-one coaching sessions conducted online
  • Leadership Pods™ can also be delivered on a themed, sponsored or private group basis
  • All Leadership Pods™ are delivered by experienced leaders in their own right
  • In addition, participants receive free access to our growing network of alumni along with exclusive networking events and workshops

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Leadership Pods™ are a series of weekly 50-minute personalised coaching sessions conducted online over the course of 12 weeks and supported by workshops, networking events and a growing community of Leadership Pod™ alumni. Leadership Pods™ can be accessed by leaders at any level and are focused on helping you deliver better results and impact as a leader immediately!

Leadership Pods™ are specifically designed for leaders who want to invest in their own personal development, or that of others within their organisation, WITHOUT having to take large amounts of time away from their day job.

Whilst Leadership Pods™ are ideal to be used at any time in a leader’s career, they can be particularly valuable at times of significant organisational or personal change, growth or crisis. Leadership Pods™ give leaders a safe space within which to get up in their ‘helicopter’ and really take a hard look at the challenges they face and the choices they are making.

All Leadership Pods™ are personalised and tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual leader. In addition, we also offer:

Themed Pods: These are Leadership Pods™ within which 4-6 leaders undertake their online coaching simultaneously over the course of 12 weeks and explore a common theme together. Whilst the virtual coaching is still personalised and delivered to you individually, these Pods offer additional opportunities to share learning and make contact with other leaders interested in developing their impact as a leader around a common core theme

Private Pods: These are Leadership Pods™ within which 4-6 leaders from the same organisation undertake their online coaching simultaneously. The content of Private Pods can be easily tailored to reflect your immediate organisational priorities, can be branded with your own corporate identity and are a great way of building stronger teams with a clear sense of shared purpose.

Sponsored Pods: As the name implies, these Leadership Pods™ are sponsored by an organisation or umbrella organisation. They will generally be aimed at addressing sectoral or themed leadership issues that are particularly important to the sponsoring organisation.

All of our coaching sessions are delivered by experienced leaders in their own right with years of relevant practical experience to share and support you with.

In addition to your one-to-one virtual coaching sessions, participants on any of our Leadership Pods™ are invited to join us in person at our workshops and networking events – all of which are included in your initial 12-week subscription at no extra charge for an agreed period of time.

Our events are all themed to explore particular leadership topics and offer great networking opportunities to meet other leaders face to face that have also been through the Leadership Pod™ experience. They will often include attendance by a guest influencer who will bring insights and ideas that you can put into practice the very next day to help you raise the impact you have as a leader.

Finally, Leadership Pod™ participants also enjoy free access to our growing network of Leadership Pod™ alumni, giving you the opportunity to build business relationships with other leaders that can last for life!

Leadership Pods™ are all about YOU; helping you to develop in exactly the right way at the right time and connecting you with other like-minded leaders around the world.

Who are the people behind Leadership Pods™️?

Dafydd Thomas founded the leadership consultancy Circularis in 2013 and created Leadership Pods™ in early 2018 having spent the best part of 15 years in leadership positions within public, private and third sector organisations across the UK.

Over this time he realised that a lot of the leadership support out there was coming at things from a largely academic or theoretical perspective, which is great until real life intrudes and people and organisations start behaving in unexpected ways – at which point a lot of the theory gets thrown out of the window!

Leadership Pods™ is built upon a belief that leadership support can best be provided by people who are themselves experienced leaders and who not only understand the realities and pressures of leadership but who can share their experiences, successes and failures in a practical and engaging manner. This is the core ethos of Leadership Pods™.

In mid-2018 Dafydd joined forces with Sean Taggart, an experienced leader and business owner who shares his passion for developing organisations through great leadership and management. Sean has built and run a number of highly successful organisations over his 30 year career, including growing his own collection of leisure tourism businesses up to annual sales of over £30m before recently selling it to his management team

In addition to working with Dafydd on Leadership Pods™, he is the Founder of the Growth Adviser, a specialist consultancy offering advice and support to owner managers on their business growth journey. He also currently holds a number of non-executive directorships within both the charity and private sectors including Director and Deputy Chair of Investors in People, the UK’s leading people management standard.

Over the last 15 years he has also provided advice to both national and regional government departments and ministers on a wide variety of employment, skills and leadership issues in addition to being a Companion of the Chartered Management Institute and Fellow of the Institute of Directors and the Royal Society.

To find out more about Dafydd, please click here

To find out more about Sean, please Click here

What do Leadership Pods™ cost?

On any of our Leadership Pods™, each leader will receive:

An initial ‘Discovery’ Session that focuses on establishing the context and ambition of each leader. This is conducted online with the leader that will coach you and generally lasts 1-2 hours.

In this session we explore your leadership background, organisational situation and immediate priorities and expectations of Leadership Pods™. We then use this information to agree on exactly how we will work together and what you aim to achieve through your Leadership Pod™ experience. From this, we define your personalised Leadership Pod™ outcomes and these will guide your entire 12-week experience.

12 x 50 minute coaching sessions delivered online once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.

An open invitation to attend any of our workshops and networking events at no charge for a period of 6 months after your first Leadership Pod™ session. Thereafter, all Leadership Pod™ alumni have the option of continuing to attend our events for a nominal annual fee.

In addition, all Leadership Pod™ participants get complimentary access to our growing online community of alumni for an unlimited period.

Pricing for Leadership Pods™ is simple and straightforward and starts at just £750 + VAT per month per leader for 3 months (12 weeks).

As Leadership Pods™ are delivered online, there are no additional travel costs for you to consider other than attendance at any of our workshops or networking events that you choose to participate in.

So confident are we that Leadership Pods™ will help you deliver better results as a leader that we offer a simple money-back guarantee. In the unlikely event that you feel we haven’t lived up to our promises to help you deliver on your agreed Leadership Pod™ outcomes, we’ll give you your money back!

Leadership Pods™


Leadership Pods™ – Expression of Interest

In order that we can tailor our approach to your personal needs, we initially ask that you express an interest by completing the form below. This will allow us to understand your immediate priorities and assess how best Leadership Pods™ might be able to help you.. Once you have completed this form, we will be in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss the next steps.

Fill in the form below and continue your personalised leadership journey.

If you are interested in any of our private, themed or sponsored solutions, then please contact Dafydd or Sean on:

Dafydd: _44 7456 862638 / dafydd@circularis.co.uk

Sean: +44 78701 348571 / sean@thegrowthadviser.co.uk

Leadership Pods™️ - Expression of Interest

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