Great Leaders – purpose, awareness, clarity

How Great Leaders Differentiate Themselves from the Pack

Purpose, Awareness and Clarity

1  Sense of Purpose

Leaders have a job title, a hierarchical position within an organisation with which comes power….the power to make people do what they say otherwise there will be consequences. These consequences are often highly unlikely to be positive!

Great leaders have a clear sense of purpose. They know why they are there, they focus on where they are leading people and have extreme clarity on what that looks like

2  Self Awareness

Leaders are aware of that they have power but not always an awareness ion the effect they have on others.

Great leaders have a self-awareness that spans situations – they know the impact that they seek to have on others before they do anything. They are aware of the ‘shadows’ they cast and use this awareness to engage with people.

3 Clarity

Leaders have an awareness of where they want to go and when. Sometimes there is a plan. They understand the targets that they are aiming for and what it’s going to take collectively for their organisations to hit those targets. Success is often judged on purely financial measures.

Great leaders have extreme clarity on what their future organisation looks like – how people interact, how they feel working there, the reputation that the organisation has in the external world and how their customers talk about them. The financial performance will also be part of that holistic picture!

Resilience and Bravery

4 Resilience

Leaders know that things don’t always go as planned. They adapt to circumstances and get their heads down and grind through it.

Great leaders recognise that very often it’s not them that’s causing the challenge, its just circumstance. When they do make mistakes they own them – learn from them and add the experience to their leadership DNA. They have a trusted ear – where they can try out ideas and develop thinking before starting initiatives.

5 Bravery

Leaders change when the logic is clear for all to see.

Great leaders change even if nobody else can see what they see. They forge a path that others follow willingly, sometimes without information, because they know they are being led to a great place by someone they admire and trust.

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